Braces are a staple of orthodontics and have been essential in correcting smiles and improving oral health for years. At Romani Orthodontics, we acknowledge the successful techniques of the past while working toward a more efficient future of perfecting smiles. We are highly trained and knowledgeable about every aspect of orthodontic treatment and offer the latest in braces technology to give you a quicker treatment with long-lasting results. We pride ourselves on offering high tech with high touch, meaning we don’t rely on advanced technology to do the work. Instead, we use these advanced tools to elevate our treatment plans crafted by our team and tailored to you.

MicroArch Braces®

Traditional metal braces deliver consistent results, but patients are sometimes hesitant about getting them put on because of their bulky appearance. If you are looking for the results of braces with the benefit of a sleeker appearance, we have the perfect appliance for you. MicroArch Braces® provide the same level of consistency and effectiveness with a lower profile so that you can achieve your dream smile without the look of years past.

The function of these braces is similar to the classic braces, as they both use metal brackets connected by wires to shift your teeth into place. However, there are a few key differences between traditional metal braces and MicroArch Braces® that allow patients to experience a more discreet treatment.

MicroArch Braces® are made with a medical-grade stainless steel alloy that allows them to be very durable, so there is little to no damage while you are in treatment. In addition to durability, these braces are more appealing to our patients because the brackets placed on teeth are 30% smaller than traditional metal braces and have a special laser-etched mesh base that allows them to bond safely and strongly to your teeth. The special design of these braces and the smaller brackets size means that your teeth will shift faster and more efficiently than they would in traditional braces.

Choosing MicroArch Braces® is an investment into a lifetime of beautiful smiles. At Romani Orthodontics, we ensure that your treatment is always as effective as possible, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of care available. We understand the financial commitment of MicroArch Braces®, and we want to help you fit this transformative treatment into your budget. We offer flexible financing plans that we have crafted with our family of patients in mind. Our team also works diligently to partner with your insurance providers to keep out-of-pocket costs down.

Clarity Advanced® Ceramic Braces

Clarity Advanced® Ceramic Braces are an evolved version of clear braces that features smaller brackets, improved comfort, and decreased risk of damaging tooth enamel. These ceramic braces blend flawlessly with your natural teeth so that you can work toward the smile you’ve always wanted without the look of metal brackets.

The brackets of Clarity Advanced® Ceramic Braces are made with a translucent material that is both durable and easy to remove when it’s time for your braces to come off. This feature will help keep your smile beautiful during treatment so you can enjoy your transformation without worrying about uncomfortable debonding at the end of treatment. These ceramic braces are a great corrective treatment for you if you want the accurate results of metal braces with a nearly invisible aesthetic.

Orthodontic treatment is an investment of time and money that will serve you well for years to come. The length of time you spend in your Clarity Advanced® Ceramic Braces will vary depending on the extent of your needs and how well you care for your braces.

The cost of your braces will be largely determined by how long you need to remain in braces to achieve your desired results. We aim to make this investment more manageable by offering flexible financing plans and working with your insurance provider to help cover costs. You deserve a smile that you are proud to show off to the world, and we want to provide the care you need to experience the perfect smile.

WildSmiles® for Kids

Working toward an amazing smile is anything but boring, and we’ve made the process even more exciting by offering WildSmile Braces® for your child’s treatment. One of our favorite things about orthodontics is that we are able to show off our creativity and technical skill while crafting custom smiles, and WildSmiles gives your child the opportunity to tap into their own style during treatment. This option has a variety of bracket shapes your child can choose from to showcase their personality and give them a role in their treatment.

Whether it’s a star, flower, heart, diamond, sports ball, or football, you can pair a custom bracket with your favorite colored rubber bands to create a fully personalized smile. WildSmiles Braces® are not only fashionable, but they are also functional. They work in the same manner as traditional braces and deliver the same consistent results that patients love.