Meet the Team

At Romani Orthodontics, we strive to provide an orthodontic experience that is second to none. We believe that the “perfect smile” is more than just aesthetic; it is a healthy and beautiful smile that helps create self confidence in our patients that directly affects them for the rest of their lives. The Team that helps to make this all possible is made up of people that truly care about every patient. We are friendly, professional, highly trained, and work very well together. We take great pride in the personalized attention we provide to patients in our state-of-the-art offices. This is why we are proud to say, “Experience the Perfect Smile.”

Robin Kerwin

Serving our patients for more than 38 years

robinKRobin has been with the practice since 1980 and has done just about everything! The common thread for her, though, is providing outstanding care to every patient in the practice. Robin gets to know patients throughout their treatment and appreciates the confidence and self esteem that a beautiful smile brings. She works closely with Dr. Romani as a Treatment Coordinator to help patients have a great experience during their orthodontic care. For Robin, “working in the field of orthodontics is very gratifying when you see the complete process of transformation taking place, and you see a patient blossom with their new smile. By choosing our practice, patients have a chance to get involved not only with their treatment, but also with our office contests and getting to know our Team members on a more personal level. We take pride in our patients activities both in the office as well as in their personal lives. We believe that everyone is special and like to make them feel that way.”

Shari Carley

Serving our patients for more than 9 years

shariCAs a teenager, Shari had braces and it changed her life. Ever since then, she has wanted to be a part of creating that magical transition in others. She loves the process of creating beautiful smiles, building self confidence, and bringing out the true beauty in our patients. As people go through treatment, they become like extended family to Shari as she enjoys exchanging information with them about their lives. “They make me realize that orthodontic treatment doesnt just brighten patients smiles, but their entire lives!” As a mother of two young boys, she knows how important that is. And Shari loves working at Romani Orthodontics: “My Team is more like family! We all get along great. We work together to get things done and we share lots of smiles and laughs along the way.”

Vanessa Karbowksi

Serving our patients for more than 10 years

vanessaKVanessa does her best every day to make each patient feel comfortable and happy, starting with her own contagious smile. She first came to us from a college externship and loved observing the Team at Romani Orthodontics so much that she applied for a Dental Assistant position and was immediately hired because she fit in so well. She is cross trained as a Records Technician and Dental Assistant, working directly with Dr. Romani to help our patients achieve their perfect smile. “Everyone in our office is extremely close on a personal and professional level, and we all strive for the same excellence in orthodontics! I love what I do and I am lucky to be a part of Romani Orthodontics.” Vanessa is our “toothfairy” for local school programs, dressing up in a beautiful costume and helping Dr. Romani teach youngsters in our community about excellent oral hygiene and dental health. Something fun about Vanessa: she was a competitive gymnast for eleven years and loves to bake.

Dan Romani

Serving our patients for more than 10 years

_DSC6311RETDan is the Business Manager for the practice and is Dr. Romani’s husband. “Working with Kirsten and this team is a complete joy. We want our patients to feel comfortable at their appointments and to enjoy the experience of achieving their new smiles.” Dan and Dr. Romani have three young children and live on a small farm in the northwest corner of Rhode Island. If you would like to know more about Belted Galloway cows (the “oreo” cows that are black on each end with a white stripe in the middle), chickens for fresh eggs, or honey bees, just ask Dan. He also enjoys collecting and dealing in early American antiques.


Janice Lopez

Serving our patients for more than 19 years

janiceJanice is great at what she does and has been with the practice since 2000. As a managing Dental Assistant, Janice loves to work with patients and excels at making them feel comfortable at their appointments. She is the mother of two boys, so she can relate well with young patients- family is a top priority. “I love working for Romani Orthodontics because it feels like my second home. Everyone is caring, loving, and fun, but most importantly we all love what we do. As a Team we all understand that our priority is our patients and their care.”

Kim Gage

Serving our patients for more than 26 years

_DSC9673RETSince 1992, Kim has been making patients smile at our office. As a managing Dental Assistant, she gets to know our patients and their families throughout their treatment. As a mother of two young boys, family discussions are the norm at Kim’s chair. Her favorite part of a patients case is seeing the amazing results at the end of treatment, and the confidence that each patient shows with their new smile. Kim loves what she does: “I enjoy coming to work because we have a great Doctor and wonderful Team members that all work together to treat our patients with the most care possible.”


Tara George

Serving our patients for more than 15 years

taraTara was inspired to join the orthodontic field because she was fascinated by how you could change someones life for the better by giving them a smile that makes them proud and self-confident. Patients request to see Tara at their visits because she builds friendships with them, learning what they like and asking about their families and activities; she remembers details and asks them for updates at each appointment. As a mother of three young children, Tara knows how important it is to belong to a strong Team: “Our Team is one big family. We all get along very well and each one of us brings something special to our work.” If you want to know anything about 80s music trivia, just ask Tara!

Maria Nobrega

Serving our patients for more than 12 years

mariaNMaria has been working in the practice since 2006 as a vital member of our Team. She sterilizes all of the instruments and sets ups each chair before every patient. Maria brings smiles to children and adults alike when she greets them in the clinic. She oversees caring for the beautiful salt water aquarium that is a focal point in the East Providence office. When not at work, Maria has been a member of the Holy Ghost Society for the past fifteen years serving meals and bringing joy to others. “I enjoy working with Doctor Romani and the Team because they are very nice to me and to each other.”


Sarah Swiencki

Serving our patients for more than 7 years

taraSarah had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Romani when she was a teenager, and she loves sharing her beautiful smile with others. She joined our practice immediately following the completion of her dental assisting program, and has been working as an Orthodontic Assistant ever since! Sarah dresses up as the Tooth Fairy and attends community and school events with Dr. Romani, helping educate local children on the importance of a healthy diet and good oral hygiene. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys hanging out with her nieces and nephews, crocheting, working out, and traveling to new places.